Jan 8, 2012

primitive Hippeastrum seeds

I got some primitive Hippeastrum seeds from a friend in South America. There are only 2~3 seeds each species and the situation is not very good. I wish then can germinate successfully.

Hippeastrum angustifolium
Hippeastrum breviflorum
Hippeastrum neopardinum
Hippeastrum pardinum
Hippeastrum stylosum


  1. I realy hope that you can gerinate those seeds, they are authentic jewels! Then tell us if you had sucess!
    It's curious, today I also sown some seeds (botanical) from Brazil!

  2. I forgot to ask you: what method do you use to germinate Hippeastrum seeds?

  3. I soak seeds in pure water for 1~2 days then sow them into coco peat. And keep the temperature above 20C.
    Personal experience is very important. Sometimes the seeds you get are not very healthy and no matter how smart you are, you have no way to stimulate them to germinate.
    Thanks for visiting~~~