Apr 3, 2014

Hippeastrum pardinum

Native range
Hippeastrum pardinum is native to Bolivia and Peru.


Hippeastrum pardinum is a mudium species. A 5~6 CM mature bulb has the ability of blooming. It is
The flower stem is about 30CM long. There are red spots on the petals. The substrate of the petals is totally white or very little green according to climate or individual difference.

It stops growing but the old leaves do not fade. The new leaves start to grow after the flower blooms.

During early spring to late spring in Taiwan.

Cultivation hint

The plants prefer a sunny to half-shady situation on moderately moist soil. The substrate should be sandy-loamy or gritty-loamy soil.
I plant it alfresco. The leaves were burned by violent sunshine. I do not move it inside the house when it rains. The growing state is good.

2014.2.14 bud
2014.2.25 the back of the bud also has spots in it
2014.2.27 blooming
The arrangement of the stamens is interesting.


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  3. Hi,
    I come upon your blog yesterday, it is very interesting photos and the sharing from your growing experience. I am a hippeastrum grower too...but you have more experience than me. Thank you for sharing all those beautiful pictures.
    I am interested to buy 1 or 2 offset bulbs of your H.pardinum. Also I'll have H.iguazuanum seeds in about 2 months time if you still looking for it. Please contact me at glamg168@gmail.com. Thank you

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