Aug 25, 2011

Boophane disticha decayed

This is the biggest Boophane I grow and it is about 3CM in diameter. I sowed it 2-3years ago. Actually it is about the flowering size. The leaves is twisted and beautiful. In July there was a low pressure in the sky for about 15 days and it rained intermittently. So I did not move the pot inside the house. Then in August the low pressure was gone bit I found something wrong with my Boophane. I digged it and saw that the root and the bulb have decayed. Several Boophane decayed. It is really a great loss!! I should have used very well-drained medium to grow them since I leaved them outside.
When we find the root decay, the bulb already absorb too much water and it is too late to rescue the bulb.


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