May 23, 2011

Hippeastrum puniceum

原生地 Native range
Hippeastrum puniceum的原生地在中美洲,西印度群島,到南美洲的北半部。
Central America, the West Indies, and across the northern half of South America.

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型態與習性 Discription
他以前也叫做H. equestere。成熟植株高度大約30公分,種球3-4公分即可開花。是小型品種。
It is identified by an earlier name, H. equestere. A ripe plant is about 30CM high and a bulb can flower when it reach 3-4CM in diameter. It is a little species.

花期 Florescence
Spring in Taiwan.

栽培重點 Cultivation hint
This species distributes over the central America. In the West Indies, for example, the average high temperature in the hottest month is up to 30°C, and the highest rainfall is about 200MM in July or August in summer. The climate is similar to Taiwan, then it is easy to cultivate in Taiwan.



The boundry between the green and the red in the center of the flower is very clear.

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